Shorelines Hearing Examiner Approves Requests for Reconsideration Submitted by NW Innovation Works

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Kalama, Wash. --- March 10, 2017


“Earlier this week, the Shorelines Hearing Examiner issued a revised decision correcting several typographical errors and factual statements in his original decision. These corrections were in response to requests for reconsideration submitted by NW Innovation Works and the Port of Kalama. Although the decision includes stringent conditions, NW Innovation Works has determined that it can successfully construct and operate the project within those conditions. The Hearing Examiner’s decision is now final and will be sent to the Department of Ecology for its review and approval. NW Innovation Works is deeply committed to protecting the environment and is redefining what industrial environmental leadership looks like in the 21st century. Through significant investments in cutting-edge technology to dramatically reduce air emissions and eliminate wastewater discharge into the Columbia River, NW Innovation Works is providing unsurpassed leadership in protecting our local environment while dramatically reducing global air pollution and creating a cleaner transition from the planet’s reliance on coal toward a renewable future.”

About NW Innovation Works

NW Innovation Works, LLC (NWIW) is a multi-national venture committed to meeting a global need – a cleaner source of methanol. NWIW is investing $3.6B in the construction of natural gas-to-methanol facilities in Washington and Oregon.  The plants will reduce global reliance on coal and its carbon footprint by substituting natural gas as the feedstock and using innovative ultra-low emission technology to safely produce methanol that will ship globally.  Methanol is an essential ingredient in the production of products like medical equipment, cell phones, car parts, wind turbines and solar panels.  With this environmentally responsible approach to methanol manufacturing, NW Innovation Works will fuel local economic growth by bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US and contributing millions annually in tax revenue to local cities, counties and the state.  

Family Wage Jobs. Local Economic Growth. Global Environmental Stewardship

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