NW Innovation Works Sets Clean Manufacturing Standard by Implementing Zero Liquid Discharge Technology to Protect the Columbia River 

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KALAMA, Wash. --- Oct. 17, 2016 – Today, NW Innovation Works announced it will implement Zero Liquid Discharge technology at the proposed Kalama methanol facility.  Zero Liquid Discharge, (ZLD), technology eliminates all water discharge into the Columbia River.

ZLD uses a combination of technologies that will remove contaminants from the wastewater stream.  The wastewater will then be recycled and reused in the facility. As an additional benefit, the implementation of the technology will reduce raw well water usage at the Kalama Facility by over 150 million gallons annually.

“We are deeply committed to protecting the environment and driving resource efficiency,” said Vee Godley, President, NW Innovation Works.  “By incorporating Zero Liquid Discharge technology that eliminates all water discharge into the Columbia River combined with the facility’s use of Ultra Low Emissions technology to reduce carbon emissions, we continue to make significant leaps forward in making environmentally responsible manufacturing a reality.”

 “NWIW has shown great leadership by investing in new technologies that will make the Kalama facility more environmentally responsible,” said Ted Sprague, President, Cowlitz Economic Development Council. “The decision to implement Zero Liquid Discharge technology further reinforces NWIW’s commitment to building a safe, world-class facility, while also protecting our natural resources.”

About NW Innovation Works

NW Innovation Works, LLC (NWIW) is a multi-national venture and leader in clean manufacturing that is committed to meeting a global need – a cleaner source of methanol. NWIW is investing $3.6B in the construction of natural gas-to-methanol facilities in Washington and Oregon. The plants will reduce the global reliance on coal and its carbon footprint by substituting natural gas as the feedstock and using innovative ultra-low emission technology to safely produce methanol that will ship globally.  Methanol is an essential ingredient in the production of products like medical equipment, cell phones, car parts, wind turbines and solar panels.  With this environmentally responsible approach to methanol manufacturing, NW Innovation Works will fuel local economic growth by bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US and contributing millions annually in tax revenue to local cities, counties and the state.  

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