Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge restores NW Innovation Works Permit at Appeal Hearing

Kalama, WA – May 8, 2018 - Today, the Cowlitz County Superior Court restored the Shoreline Permit for the proposed methanol manufacturing facility in Kalama, WA.  The Court held that further analysis of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) was required under the State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA), and also that the Washington State Shoreline Hearings Board improperly invalidated NWIW’s Shoreline Conditional Use Permit.  The judge further ruled that additional analysis and consideration of the shoreline permit WILL be narrowly focused on the remaining outstanding examination and related issues associated with GHG’s in the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS).


In response to today’s ruling, Kent Caputo, NWIW’s Chief Commercial Officer and General Counsel, said, “NW Innovation Works has always welcomed a robust dialogue about our project.  And we have always been transparent and ready to show our work to back up our claims.  That’s why we agree with both the goals put forward by the Shoreline Hearing Board and the equitable efforts of the Court in today’s ruling.  We are already moving forward with the life cycle analysis of GHG emissions envisioned by the Board. 


Caputo went on to say, “We are in a period of policy evolution, and despite some mischaracterizations and the inevitable posturing and confusion, facts matter and dialogue and meaningful input is all the more important.  Over the course of developing our project, we have sought to address concerns that have been raised and worked to improve our project.  That’s as true today as it was yesterday, and we think the judge’s order to restore our permit and narrow the focus of additional review provides just the opportunity to work through what differences may remain.  This is the right time to strike the balance our region needs to move forward.  Today’s decision reinforced the complexity of the regulatory environment in which we are operating.  We continue to be committed to finding the right path forward that will allow Washington State to set the example for how to create family wage jobs locally and have a positive impact on climate change globally.” 


Vee Godley, NWIW’s Chief Development Officer, added, “At NW Innovation Works, we are focused on three overriding principles: creating jobs, investing in the community, and using our project to help confront climate change.  Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering.  Today’s ruling reinforces our commitment to the project and the principles that inform our efforts.”