Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for NW Innovation Works’ Kalama methanol facility released

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for NW Innovation Works’ Kalama Methanol Facility Released- Shows Tremendous Economic Benefits for Local Community and State

Kalama, Wash. --- March 9, 2016--- An environmental report published last week shows the Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW) Port of Kalama methanol production plant would create jobs, boost local economic activity, and raise tax revenue for Kalama, Cowlitz County, and Washington state. The proposed ultra-low emissions technology planned for the manufacturing process would make the NWIW Kalama plant the cleanest methanol facility in North America.

Highlights in the report include:
  • More than $1 billion in regional economic activity during construction
  • More than 1,000 workers are expected to build the facility over a 26-month period, along with additional jobs created in supporting fields
  • Nearly 90 percent of construction workers would be sourced regionally
  • 688 total jobs during operations, including 192 direct, and 496 indirect and induced jobs
  • Estimated $30 - 40 million in annual tax payments paid to state and local authorities during operations
The entire draft environmental impact statement (EIS) is posted on the Kalama SEPA website. Additional information is available on the NWIW Kalama project web page and Kalama FAQs.

“Our project provides both an environmental and economic benefit for our region,” said Vee Godley III, president of NW Innovation Works. “We look forward to bringing long-term, family-wage jobs while being a good neighbor in Kalama.”

The Port of Kalama and Cowlitz County, lead agencies for the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process, issued the draft EIS, providing a detailed review of potential economic and environmental effects of building and operating a methanol production facility at the port.

“Kalama embraces industry on the Columbia and in the Port of Kalama. Waterfront industry is part of what built our community,” said Adam Smee, Kalama City Administrator. “While the City of Kalama is not the permitting jurisdiction, NW Innovation Works building and operating a methanol plant in the Kalama area contributes significant economic development to the region and family-wage jobs to our community.”

In addition to detailing the economic impact of the project, the draft EIS outlines the steps NWIW and local authorities will take to ensure construction and operational safety as well as the systems, training and protocols that will be put in place for accident prevention and emergency response. A detailed evaluation of the facility risks contained in the draft EIS indicates that there is no measurable risk of an offsite fatality associated with the plant and that, even in a worst case scenario, any explosion would not produce destructive force offsite. The draft EIS also concludes that the plant would not pose a significant fire or explosion risk to onsite employees.

A public comment period for the draft EIS is now underway. To review the draft EIS or provide comment, please visit the Kalama SEPA website.

For more information about the NWIW Kalama project, please visit the NWIW Kalama project web page and read the Kalama FAQs.