EFSEC Votes No to Columbia Riverkeeper Attempt

Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council Vote No to Columbia Riverkeeper Attempt to Block NW Innovation Works Kalama Project

KALAMA, Wash. --- Sept.21, 2016 – On Wednesday, the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council voted unanimously to dismiss a Columbia Riverkeeper’s petition for a declaratory order regarding jurisdiction for the proposed NW Innovation Works Kalama methanol facility.

The Columbia Riverkeeper’s petition attempted to subvert and undermine the substantial public process that has taken place over the last two years. Columbia Riverkeeper petitioned to take jurisdiction away from Cowlitz County, the Department of Ecology and Southwest Clean Air Agency, which have already engaged in public processes, including issuance of a State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) determination of significance, completion of an expanded scoping period, completion of a Draft EIS, and completion of extended public comment period following release of the DEIS and public processes for the shoreline permits and air permit.

Over two years ago, EFSEC staff issued its determination that it does not have jurisdiction over the project. Columbia Riverkeeper sought to undo that determination. EFSEC found that NW Innovation Works and the Port of Kalama rights would be unfairly prejudiced by Columbia Riverkeeper’s jurisdictional arguments and voted unanimously to dismiss the petition.

“We are pleased to see the process working properly,” said Vee Godley, President, NW Innovation Works. “For the past 2.5 years, we have worked closely with the Port of Kalama, Cowlitz County, the Department of Ecology, Southwest Clean Air Agency and all other regulatory authorities responsible for decisions on the Kalama facility. We look forward to continuing the process that allows us to build the most environmentally responsible methanol plant in the world.”

“We are committed to an open and transparent process that provides the community with the information it needs about our project,” said Richard DeBolt, Director External Relations, NW Innovation Works. “We are eager to get to work in bringing local manufacturing jobs back to the US and stimulating local economies.”