NW Innovation Works Kalama Air Permit Approved

SW Washington Clean Air Agency Approves NW Innovation Works Kalama Air Permit

June 7, 2017 -- NW Innovation Works appreciates the Southwest Clean Air Agency’s decision to approve the air permit for our Kalama facility.

The permit is the result of an exhaustive public process in which the community and stakeholders participated in public hearings, provided suggestions and issued public comments to the Southwest Clean Air Agency regarding the conditions under which NW Innovation Works can build and operate its facility. We are grateful for the Southwest Clean Air Agency’s thoroughness, and attention to detail in addressing each of these suggestions and comments to ensure the permit is comprehensive and sound.

NW Innovation Works is committed to creating and implementing innovative clean technologies to meet the global demand for methanol in an environmentally responsible way. Our investment in the Kalama facility will benefit our local, state, and national economies while protecting the Columbia River and contributing to a significant net reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by replacing coal methanol with Ultra-Low-Emission (ULE) gas methanol.