NW Innovation Works Statement on Port of Kalama Shorelines Hearings Board Appeal

Kalama, WA – Nov. 20, 2017 – Today, the Port of Kalama appealed the recent Shorelines Hearings Board (the “Board”) decision on the proposed Kalama Manufacturing & Marine Export Facility project. 


“The Port of Kalama plays an important oversight role in the environmental review process.  We understand why they are seeking greater clarity regarding the Board’s ruling and its impacts for the port’s ongoing efforts to fulfill its economic development mission,” said Kent Caputo, Chief Commercial Officer and General Counsel for NW Innovation Works. “NW Innovation Works (NWIW) will continue to focus on assessing the upstream and downstream GHG emission profile as mandated by the Shorelines Hearing Board. This assessment will provide critical science in furtherance of the very high environmental standards in our state – standards we are prepared and proud to meet and exceed.”


As part of its ongoing leadership in environmental responsibility, NWIW will use Ultra Low Emission (ULE) technology which reduces Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by up to 90% compared to traditional methods of manufacturing methanol. Additionally, the company is the first major industrial site to implement Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology to eliminate all facility wastewater discharge from entering the Columbia River.


“GHG emissions produced across the ocean have a dramatic impact on our air in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the world,” said Simon Zhang, President and CEO of NW Innovation Works.  “If our innovative project is not built in Washington State, it is a certainty that facilities with much higher environmental impacts will be built in locations with far less stringent environmental regulations - including those still dependent on coal - further exacerbating our global GHG and climate change threat.”  Zhang added, “Washington State is striving to address climate change and associated threats in this time of evolving understanding, policy and regulation.  NWIW is committed to our part in this process and discussion as we work together to realize standards that will define our State’s, our nation’s and our planet’s path to addressing our shared climate challenges while promoting cleaner economic growth.”