NW Innovation Works Statement on Shorelines Hearings Board Decision

Statement from Vee Godley, President, NW Innovation Works

Kalama, WA – Sept. 18, 2017 – “Today, the Shorelines Hearings Board issued a decision to all parties involved in the NW Innovation Works Shorelines permitting process.  The Board held that the EIS should not have relied on the Department of Ecology’s SEPA Greenhouse Gas Guidance document.  We are disappointed in the Shorelines Hearings Board’s order because the EIS followed both the letter and intent of Ecology’s guidance.  While Ecology has indicated that it is in the process or reviewing and updating that guidance, the existing guidance document remains the only guidance in Washington for how an EIS should evaluate greenhouse gas impacts, and Ecology’s website continues to direct state and local governments to use this guidance.   We understand that the environmental policy in this state is evolving and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with regulators, stakeholders, and environmental and business leaders to do our part to provide greater certainty and positive impact for our state’s economic and environmental goals.”