Request for Reconsideration of Permits Decision

NW Innovation Works Submits Request for Reconsideration of Substantial Development and Shoreline Conditional Use Permits Decision


March 6, 2017

“After a careful and thorough review of the Hearing Examiner’s decision and the stringent conditions required for the shorelines permits, NW Innovation Works (NWIW) has determined that it can successfully build and operate the proposed facility within those conditions. The conditions imposed by the Hearing Examiner are strict and will result in additional costs for the project; however, we respect that they are the result of careful consideration of public comments and designed to further improve the quality and safety of the project for the environment and community.

NWIW is deeply committed to protecting the environment and recognizes that the Hearing Examiner’s conditions align with that commitment; however, upon review of the decision documentation, NWIW’s attorneys found several typographical and factual errors that should be corrected to ensure clarity and accuracy in the final permit. Today, our attorneys submitted a request for reconsideration to the Hearings Examiner to make those corrections.

The most significant inaccuracy in the decision documentation is the erroneous statement that the project would be the largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter in Washington. While the project’s GHG emissions will have an impact in Washington State, the Department of Ecology has identified at least nine existing facilities in Washington that emit substantially greater GHGs (see list below). NWIW is making significant investments to protect our global environment including the use of advanced technology to reduce global GHGs. The company will deploy Ultra Low Emission (ULE) technology which, when combined with the use of natural gas as a feedstock, will reduce GHGs by up to 90% compared to coal-to-methanol production.

We understand that the Port of Kalama may be submitting a reconsideration to the Hearing Examiner regarding the decision not to allow the proposed dock for the use of lay berthing non-methanol ships.”

-----Vee Godley, President, NW Innovation Works Largest Washington State GHG Emitters:

1 TransAlta Centralia Generation LLC – Centralia 7,447,081
2 BP Cherry Point Refinery – Blaine 2,511,761
3 Shell Puget Sound Refinery – Anacortes 1,805,933
4 Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging, Inc./KapStone Kraft – Longview 1,775,644
5 Weyerhaeuser NR Company - Longview 1,471,830
6 Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company LLC – Anacortes 1,333,624
7 Alcoa Intalco Works – Ferndale 1,326,684
8 Cosmo Specialty Fibers Inc. – Cosmopolis 1,180,831
9 RockTenn Tacoma Mill – Tacoma 1,173,531
10 NWIW-Kalama 1,076,000