Statement of NWIW In Response to Gov. Inslee’s Recent Announcement

For over five years, NWIW has committed to setting new standards through innovation for environmental protection at the global, state and local level to meet the threat that climate change presents.

“As the science has evolved, NWIW has been proactive. We’ve led the way in committing to ultra-low emissions technology, zero liquid discharge, and mitigation for 100% of all GHG emissions we generate within Washington State. Governor Inslee and the state’s regulators have encouraged us to do this. It has resulted in what will be production of the cleanest methanol on the planet – replacing the dirtiest. And we are still innovating. We know that Governor Inslee's decision today isn't a message to stop innovating," said Simon Zhang, CEO of NWIW. “We are dedicated to using our product for materials production, not for fuel. This is a critical distinction and one we are committed to demonstrating.” 

“Our project aligns with Washington State’s commitment to carbon reduction.  We remain confident that the regulatory process will conclude with an approval for this innovative way to make durable consumer products, like fleece vests and kayaks,” said Kent Caputo, General Counsel for NWIW.

“Nobody else has offered to mitigate for 100% of all GHG emissions they produce in Washington State,” said Vee Godley, Chief Development Officer of NWIW.

“I remember when Gov. Inslee came to Cowlitz County and announced his support for this project. Since then, NWIW has proactively listened to this community and continue to innovate. I worry that Jay’s interests here are more tied to his personal presidential ambition than what the science says and what is right for this state,” said Ted Sprague, President of the Cowlitz County EDC.   

“We have to be smart about confronting climate change in ways that grow this economy — and that’s exactly what NWIW has been doing. The balances between jobs and the environment is critical. We are proud to continue our strong support of this project,” said Mike Bridges of IBEW Local 48.