Statement regarding Port of Kalama Lawsuit

The lawsuit filed today by the Port of Kalama raises significant questions about the regulatory process the Department of Ecology is seeking to pursue in evaluating the environmental impact of Northwest Innovation Works' proposed methanol manufacturing facility, and specifically whether the Department has the ability to disregard prior environmental review work and restart the process.

Since this project entered its permitting phase over five years ago, Northwest Innovation Works has been focused on fully engaging in extensive regulatory process and putting forward a project that confronts our global and regional environmental challenges. We've invested in technologies, like Ultra Low Emissions technology, and practices that result in a significant net reduction in worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We've also adopted Zero Liquid Discharge technologies to reduce or eliminate many local environmental impacts. We've been open and transparent throughout the process, and our commitment to offset 100% of the project related GHGs within Washington State is unprecedented and will result in net zero emissions for the project. NWIW recognizes the evolving discussion around climate change in this state and has always asked to be at the table and to be a constructive example for how to do things the right way. We also recognize the economic benefit our project would provide to Cowlitz County. NWIW's proposed $2 billion investment will support 1,000 construction jobs and will create or support nearly 700 permanent jobs once operational.

Our hope is that our efforts to be open and collaborative with our community, including the Department of Ecology and all our regulators, will allow a pathway for us to move forward while setting new standards on how to confront climate change. Our state's regulatory laws are written with the intent to put science first and to be fair to the applicants. We hope our regulators, including the Department of Ecology, can find a swift resolution to the questions posed today without further delay to this beneficial project.