Investing in our Future

NW Innovation Works (NWIW) is a multi-national partnership committed to meeting a global need – a cleaner source for methanol production. NWIW is constructing facilities in Washington and Oregon that will use natural gas instead of coal to produce methanol. NWIW is committed to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US and stimulating local, regional, and global economies while protecting our community, our employees, and the environment. NWIW’s proposed facilities will include investment of $3.6 billion to build industry-leading manufacturing plants, with ultra-low emissions technology, that will provide hundreds of new jobs in Northwest communities.

Protecting our community and our employees

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Environmental responsibility through innovation

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Community Members Support Proposed NW Innovation Works Kalama Facility 

Cowlitz County community members join together to show their support for the proposed NW Innovation Works Kalama Facility. NW Innovation Works is investing $1.8 billion in the construction of facilities at the Port of Kalama to meet the global need for clean methanol manufacturing. The facilities will implement innovative technologies, such as Ultra-low Emissions (ULE) and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), to protect our environment, decrease emissions, reduce waste, and reuse resources.

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Creating Local Jobs

NWIW is working closely with Lower Columbia College to develop a job alert system and a curriculum of recommended courses so you can brush up on your skills before we start hiring. If you are interested in working with NWIW, you will be able to use the job alert system to sign up for the job categories you are interested in and then you will be sent alerts as those positions open up over the next year.  Once you have identified your job categories, you can consult Lower Columbia College for recommendations about courses you may want to take to learn new skills or brush up your current skill set. Join our mailing list to get updates on job opportunities.

NWIW and the Port of Kalama

NWIW is proposing a facility to convert natural gas to methanol at an existing industrial park at the Port of Kalama in Washington. The Port leased the site to NWIW in April 2014 and NWIW began working on project permits. The Final Environmental Impact Statement has been released and can be downloaded from the project page. At the peak of construction, NWIW’s Port of Kalama facility will create up to 1,000 construction-related jobs and, once operational, will employ approximately 200 full-time managers and workers. The facility will offer family-wage jobs plus benefits. To learn more about project benefits, view our project summary.

To learn more about NWIW’s facility at the Port of Kalama, please visit the project page.

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